Partners and Sponsors


Plumas Eureka State Park

Plumas Eureka State Park offers a look at the ecological wonders of the high Sierra and a glimpse of the cultural history of the California Gold Rush.


Lost Sierra Hoedown

This family friendly Hoedown takes place at the birthplace of ski racing at Plumas-Eureka State Park, 4 miles west of Graeagle, Ca.

Home of the Historic Longboard Revival Race Series, there is no place like Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl to campout with family and friends for an intimate live music experience. On-site camping surrounds the historic Intorf Lodge with music and adventure in every direction. Fresh spring water is free and abundant on-site with cold beer on draft from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and The Brewing Lair. One hundred percent of beer sales are donated to the Plumas Ski Club thanks to Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.


Brewing Lair

The Brewing Lair of the Lost Sierra provides beer and proceeds to the races and other Plumas Ski Club events.


Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company donates beer and all proceeds to the Plumas Ski Club at the Longboard Races and Lost Sierra Hoedown.


Quintopia provides beer and proceeds to the races.


Ronin Fermentation Project

Ronin has held fundraising events and brewed special beers with proceeds going to the PSC.

Lost Sierra Wine Co.

Provides wine for Longboard Races

Family owned, operated, and enjoyed, Lost Sierra Wine Co. makes wine to pair with life’s adventures

Plumas Eureka State Park Association

The Plumas Eureka State Park Association is dedicated to supporting Plumas Eureka State Park and its interpretive and educational programs.


Plumas County Museum

The Plumas County Museum is located in Quincy, California.


Eastern Plumas Recreation District

The EPRD promotes and support recreation activities throughout eastern Plumas County.

Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative

Provides grooming assistance and support for the Longboard Races.


The Murray Company

Provides construction assistance for the Ski Club.


Greenhorn Ranch



Folchi Construction

Provides earthwork assistance to the ski club to help maintain the Ski Hill.

Gard Electric

Provides electrical system support.

Jeremy De-Ocampo Pump and Well Service

Provides well and water system support.

Plumas Eureka Volunteer Fire Department

Plumas County Road Department

E Clampus Vitus